We launch the Gender Journey project today!

On the 1st of May 2022 the we lunch our Gender Journey project 2022 between Nordic countries and Estonia. Where are taking part paingly young people age 14-31+ and educators/experts.

By this project we aim to raise awareness among Nordic (Finnish, Swedish and Danish) and Estonian students school and university students about deep-rooted gender inequalities in everyday social contexts and the stereotypes and prejudices that fuel it.

We are aware that certain pupils are more often the targets of offense, bullying, harassment, and discrimination due to norms and their violation. The legal definitions of discrimination in relation to gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion, ethnicity, and disability are occasionally related to this, but there is also a relationship to various oppressions. We need to discuss issues of equality, authority, and standards if we want to stop the kind of bullying that are now occurring in Nordic schools. We also need to share our knowledge and expertise with our Estonian colleagues, who are working hard to advance gender equality but still face discrimination in a variety of settings and the persistence of negative stereotypes, biases, and stigmatization of minorities and LGBT populations.

We will also create a handbook of instructions for educators based on our observations from student workshops conducted locally, training sessions and conversations with NGOs and schoolteachers, and the process of building and testing the approach material on meetings between young people and professionals.

Join us in our journey and join the team by writing to us or simply register for the next event!