Participate in the conference "Towards gender equality and a violence-free society" 1-2.03.2024 in Tallinn

We are pleased to invite You to attend the upcoming confernce "Towards a gender equality and a non-violent society" to be held from 1-2 March 2024 in Tallinn, Hestia Hotel Europa at 11.00 am. This conference will bring together community leaders, youth, various stakeholders and leading experts in gender equality, gender based violence from across the county to discuss constructivly discuss and exchange of ideas on how to reduce gender based violence and stereotypes, women empowerment and developing practical solutions on gender eqaulity mainstraming by community members, as well as for making summaries of the project and set up general statements.

Conference will provide a constructive knowledge and skills on gender equality in the education system, family, business and politics to ensure early intervention in the perpetuation of prejudices and stereotypes..

The conference will encourage the search for expansion and strengthening of cooperation and dialogue between different institutions, organisations and experts to develop a network of cooperation to promote gender equality and contribute to the reduction of gender/family violence in society. Within the framework of the conference, participants and experts will develop practical solutions to promote gender equality among community members and share practical experiences and best practices.

The conference invites representatives of public institutions and NGOs, stakeholders, community leaders, civic activists, youth and youth organisations, educators, expert professionals working in the field of women's support, victim support, diversity, education and youth work, as well as participants who are interested in exchanging experiences and knowledge in the field of gender equality and equal treatment. Leaders of educational institutions, researchers, legislators and policy makers, representatives of ministries and agencies are also invited. The conference will be attended by about 100 participants.

Conference agenda:

Registration (only 100 places) for the conference is open until 28th February 2024 on the web page:

Conference topics:

  • Gender inequality and outdated gender stereotypes that perpetuate it.
  • The pay gap as an indicator of gender inequality and a threat to social sustainability.
  • Prevention, reduction of gender-based violence and services for victims of domestic violence in Estonia
  • Causes of gender-based violence and its prevention from a practical perspective
  • Role and cooperation of civil society organisations and youth with state institutions to promote gender equality

The conference will consist of three parts: keynote speeches from experts, two thematic panel discussions (1) on promoting equality and equal treatment as a basic human right and universal good; and 2) on preventing and responding to gender-based violence in the family and society) and working groups.

The conference will result in a conference declaration and a number of proposals on prevention of gender-based violence in society, renewal of national and local services for victims of violence and integration by civil society of innovative solutions to promote gender equality and equal treatment.

 For additional information please tern to: German tel. 55576329 / Vassili tel. 55602993 /

The conference is supported by: by the British Embassy and British Council in frame of People To People Cultural Engagement programme #PeopletoPeople #BritishCouncilEstonia #GenderJourney2023