• Trainings (23 August in Remniku; 9 September in Tallinn; 12 October in Paldiski) - the main objective is to train target group representatives on gender equality, family models, gender roles, gender pay gap, equal treatment and the newly adopted gender-neutral marriage in Estonia. All three training sessions will involve 100 participants.
  • The study visit, on 27 October 2023 in Tallinn, will provide the necessary practical skills and learn from human rights organisations and Gov institutions how to fight for gender equality and promote equal treatment in their communities. We will visit and learn from the Estonian Centre for Human Rights, the LGBTQ movement, the Office of the Gender Equality and Equal Treatment Commissioner, and conduct a meeting with representatives of companies that have created the necessary environment and services for gender equality in the workplace. The event will bring together 30 participants.
  • Two practical training sessions and discussions (November, Toila; December, Tallinn) for young girls, women entrepreneurs and business owners - this programme will give more opportunities to women as women generally have less entrepreneurial experience than men. Through this activity, we want to create a favourable environment for the development of women entrepreneurship; promote tools and support services for women entrepreneurs. Improve women's entrepreneurial skills by conducting 2 two-day hands-on training and discussion days packed with skills for young girls, women entrepreneurs, involving local businesses. 60 people will take part in two practical training and discussion days.
  • Roundtable (15 December 2023 in Tallinn) - which will improve cooperation between government, civil society and business and jointly discuss how we can all integrate family-friendly policies and improve working conditions for workers (for example, in terms of family life, which typically provide three types of essential resources needed by parents and carers of young children: time, money and services) and empower women and men to build an equal society (improving work-life balance) at home, at work and in society. The round table will bring together 30 participants.
  • International Conference on Gender Equality (January or February 2024) - for a constructive exchange of views, as well as for project summaries and general statements. Key decision-makers, stakeholders , community leaders and active project participants invited. The conference will foster the debate on gender roles and stereotypes necessary to find constructive solutions. Provide constructive insights and skills on gender equality in education, family, business and politics to ensure early intervention against entrenched prejudices and stereotypes. In addition to the concrete work already done, the conference will add a new dimension to the theme by bringing in the views of recognised experts. The main theme of the 2024 edition of the Gender Equality Conference will be "Gender equality in work/business and politics". Up to 100 participants will attend the conference.

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