Local Workshops to provide a basic knowledge for young people on gender equality, equal treatment, own rights and participation – May - Aug 2022 (60 participants per country)

International training - on gender equality and norm criticism plus partner meeting
15-17. September 2022, Sweden, Göteborg (6 participant per country)

Two Youth & Experts meetings will give an opportunity to systematise the bits and pieces of knowledge on gender-responsive education and facilitate process of establishing educational toolkit on gender equality a guidelines for the youth organisations and educational institutions. (5 participants per country)
- 17-20. October 2022, Copenhagen, Denmark – First Youth & experts meeting
- 17-20. November 2022, Tallinn, Estonia – Second Youth & experts meeting

International Gender Equality Youth Conference 2022 – It will be constructive exchange of ideas, as well as for making summaries and general statements. Also presentation of main project outcomes and acknowledgement of main contributors and partners. (8 participants per country + experts) - 14 - 15. December 2022, Helsinki, Finland